Advertising Signs with Sign Advertising Make Effective Signs

Effective Sign Layout
The shape, size, color scheme, logo, graphic elements, pictures, size of text and the overall layout of the sign dramatically effects how well the sign will work. The proper combination listed below in will make the difference in a successful sign or one that fails. Main Street Signs specializes in creating a layout to give your sign its maximum effectiveness.

The simpler the better, a clean sign with limited use of text and a bold logo or color graphic with dramatically increase the effectiveness of your sign.

Simply adding a border to a sign helps the viewer read it 26% faster, according to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

Color Scheme
The color scheme helps create and reinforce your company's brand and image. Using a consistent color scheme on your sign and all your advertising materials will help your customers remember you when it comes time to buy.

The use of a photo creates a 300% greater recall than ads without photos, says the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

Color Contrast
Colors that contrast well will make your signs easier to read. Studies show that the easiest to read color combination is yellow and black, especially at a distance. When it comes to your business good color contrast is crucial to drawing attention to your sign.

Letter Height
The viewing distance of your sign will decide on the size of the lettering used. For example if a sign is to be viewed from 360' (a city block) a 16" tall letter should be used.

Size of Sign
The same goes for the actual size of the sign. The viewing distance, letter height, graphics, and the amount of negative space necessary to make your sign easy to read will determine the size of sign necessary.

Material Used
Choosing the right material for the job is very important. Your sign has to last as long as your advertising campaign is intended. If your sign materials fail it will cost you more money to repair and even worse - it could cause the loss of valuable customers.

The Total Package
When it comes to effective signs, vehicle advertising and promotional banners the layout is the key. Main Street Signs will create an effective advertising campaign that works for your business.