Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does my business need a sign?
A. Yes. A sign for your business is one of the most important advertising investments for your business. Even if your business doesn't have "walk in" customers a sign reflects an important image about your company.

Q. How much does a sign cost?
A. A sign can cost anywhere from $15.00 to $100,000.00 dollars or more. The price of a sign depends on its particular application. Since there are so many different variables to a signs application it's hard to give an accurate estimate. Whatever the cost of your sign is, you can be sure that you've made a sound investment in your business.

Q. Should I put my company's name on our vehicles?
A. Yes. We can't stress enough on how important it is to display your company's name and logo on all your company's vehicles. This is hands down the least expensive most effective advertising a business can use.

Q. We're having a sale, how can I let customers know?
A. One of the best ways to let your customers know about a sale or special promotion is with promotional banners. Spending a little extra on a well constructed banner will pay for itself when used year after year for the same type promotions.

Q. Do banners really work?
A. Talk to any business owner that uses banners to promote sales and specials and you'll here the same. Banners work the best for drawing attention and informing customers about sales. Without promotional banners, sales would be nearly successful.

Q. Does my company need a logo?
A. A logo, like a sign says allot about your business. It's important to have a professionally designed logo and use it on your signage, company vehicles, letterhead, business cards and all other promotional items. Your company logo will play a tremendous role when your customers are ready to buy.

Q. What kind of sign does my business need?
A. Most signs are custom made to fit a certain application. The proposed location of your sign would determine what kind of sign you would need. Most businesses need an on-premise sign mounted on a free standing pole or affixed to their building.

Q. What other forms of advertising will work for my business?
A. Along with the proper signage, we recommend using your company's vehicles and promotion banners to advertise. Lettering on the windows of your business, printed die cut decals and yard/site signs are just a few other ways to advertise your business. Take a look at the "Signs for Your Business" link on this website for a list of ways to effectively advertise your business.

Q. Can you put lettering on the big windows in the front of my business?
A. Lettering on the windows of your business is a great way to advertise and list the services and products your company carries. Check with your suppliers to see if they offer any types of co-op payments for advertising their logos.

Q. What kind of signs do you make?
A. We make a number of different types of signs, banners and lettering. Check out the "Signs for Your Business" link for a complete list of the types of signs we provide for your particular business.

Q. Does my business need a lighted sign?
A. Depending on your location, the addition of a lighted sign can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your sign. Even if your business hours end in the early evening, a lighted sign will work hard for you long after the sun goes down.

Q. What colors should I use on my sign?
A. You should always use your company colors on any type of advertisement, especially your sign. The key to an effective sign is to support all the other types of advertising so your customers recognize and remember your company first.

Q. Are there different types of materials to make my sign?
A. The materials used to make sign will depend on the purpose of the sign itself. Is it a permanent sign or temporary? Will the sign be outside or inside? Using the correct material for the specific application could be one of the most important factors on the success of your sign. Use a temporary material for a permanent sign and you'll be paying to make it again, use a permanent material for a temporary promotional sign and you may jeopardize the return on your investment!

Q. How long will a sign last?
A. Depending on the materials used for the specific application your sign could last for one month to 20 or 30 years or more.

Q. What information should I put on my sign?
A. If you're getting an on-premise sign for your business, we recommend that you include only your business name or logo on the main sign. Depending on the actual application you may want to include the phone number, tag line or slogan and a list of services your company provides. With the exception of your main on-premise sign, you should always include your website address on all your advertising.

Q. How long does it take to make a sign?
A. Some smaller temporary signs can be made the same day they're ordered, other signs or lettering could take a couple days, and larger projects could take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to complete.

Q. Do you make magnetic signs?
A. Yes. Magnetic signs work great for temporary applications but require maintenance. You must remove magnetic signs from your vehicle every week and clean the magnetic and the vehicles surface. We do not recommend magnetic signs for permanent applications.

Q. My buddy knew a guy, that has a brother that put lettering on my truck and now it's falling off, what happened?
A. So many people think their getting a deal when it comes to cheap lettering for their company vehicles. The old wives tale holds true…you get what you pay for! There are so many types of vinyl films available today that most companies will sell you a 5 to 7 year vinyl that has only been available for two or three years. Not only that, there is a proven technique to applying lettering and graphics to your vehicles surface. Using the wrong vinyl and applying it wrong only leads to one thing…failure. When your lettering starts to fail your vehicle looks bad and that means your company looks bad. Remember, image is everything. It would be worth paying two or three times of what it would cost to get the job done right!