Vehicle Graphics & Truck Lettering Secrets Of Advertising

Great business secrets are seldom shared, but I just couldn't let this one go untold. About two years ago after countless hours of reading and attending seminars on advertising, it just jumped up and hit me! I will start with this: Every day businesses are fighting to get customers through their doors and those companies are paying big bucks for advertising on just about every type of medium possible. One call to any reputable advertising agency will tell you to invest your money in your company's brand. With brand advertising a companies ultimate goal is to achieve "Top of Mind Awareness", or in laymen’s terms, when a customer is ready to buy a product or service they think of your company first. Investing in your companies brand is an effective form of advertising but it usually comes with an extremely high price tag.

Now that you've learned the basic elements of brand advertising, I'll get to the point. At the same time I was struggling for a way to attract new customers, a good repeat customer walked into our shop, we were making small talk when he made the comment, "you know I couldn't begin to tell you how much money I've made on the work you did for me". My thoughts please tell!
This customer was referring to his company's logo that we applied to the doors of all the vehicles in his company's fleet. We had created a very effective logo and some lettering to advertise his message all over town. That's when I put it all together.
Wow, this kind of advertising has it all, except for the healthy price tag! Reach, frequency and consistency, all the elements that the big guys preach when their creating a brand advertising campaign. I'll break it down for you
REACH: Your company vehicles are parked in front of your business, used to make sales and service calls, pick up supplies and make deliveries all within a certain area or radius that you conduct your business. Your vehicles can be seen by thousands of people every day.

FREQUENCY: By using your company vehicles to conduct the same basic business operations, they are presented to the same viewing audience (your reach) on a day to day basis, which in return gives you your frequency.

CONSISTANCY: With any luck your company vehicle should last you a number of year's worth of reliable service. How ever long your vehicle is conducting those basic business operations it will be viewed by the same audience every day, week, month and year after year. Using your vehicle in your business every day will give you your consistency.
If your company vehicles don't have an effective logo and lettering advertising package on them, you are missing out on one of the most important, least expensive forms of advertising available today.
If you spent $1000.00 to decorate your company vehicle, then divided up the cost over a three year period, you would only be spending $27.78 per month for some of the most coveted advertising available.
Try to put this into perspective; this $27.78 is less than it cost of one printer cartridge or a full tank of gas. Let's be honest, when was the last time you generated a sales lead from either one of those?
So here it is spelled out, the best kept advertising secret is pretty simple, decorate your company vehicles with an effective logo and lettering package, use them for your everyday business operations and reap the rewards of building your companies brand, getting you that much closer to the ultimate "Top of Mind Awareness".
Combine your vehicle advertising with an effective sign and promotional banners and increase your opportunities for success.